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VESVET is an EC Erasmus+ KA2 projects aiming to foster students employability, enhanced entrepreneurship competence development, and validation in VET schools.

This will be improved by means of a good professional orientation and of the internationalisation of the professional experience. A student self-evaluation methodology enable evaluation of professional entrepreneurial competences and validation/recognition of the skills that should be reinforced in order to improve missing competences.

Play the VESVET game now!

Test and improve your entrepreneurship sub-competences by playing the VESVET GAME!

VESVET game is based on the LEVEL5 system, which is specifically designed to assess personal, social and organisational competence development.

The VESVET game can be played in 6 different languages!

VESVET GAME scripting according to LEVEL5 system and sub-competences using Chat Mapper

The game VESVET partners are creating is a first person game, meaning we play a character in the game and control that player’s interactions. This means that each scenario needs to be written from the point of view of that character. Any branching that occurs therefore within the conversations in the game will be a decision made by the player from a set of multiple choice options.

Each decision the player makes throughout the game guides them through a set of conversation elements. Each conversation element can be tied to one or more variables. These variables will be used to assess the level of competence in each of the VESVET competences (for example, the player’s score).

The training how to use Chat Mapper for successful creation of branching conversations for the VESVET GAME was conducted by Interactive Systems at Nottingham Trent University

VESVET Sub-Competences of Entrepreneurship

During the workshop in the Kick-off meeting on November 21st 2018, all the participants from partner institutions were discussing and selecting entrepreneurial competences, which would be the most useful and needed for students and employees.

Sub-competences of Entrepreneurship:



Problem solving




Marketing competences

Information management

Communication management



Sense of initiative

Intercultural and diversity competence

According to the O1- Methodology of Development of Entrepreneurship Competence, each VET project partner school identifies and contextualizes entrepreneurship sub-competencies.