LEVEL5 for Validation of Entrepreneurship Skills through Interactive Learning Sets in VET

VESVET is an EC Erasmus+ KA2 project with the aim to foster vocational education and training (VET) students’ employability, by enhancing entrepreneurship, competence development and validation.

The project aims to improve professional entrepreneurial competences by means of a good professional orientation and of the internationalisation of the professional experience.

During the project’s life, the following outcomes will be addressed:

– Entrepreneurship Competence Development and Assessment Methodology. Student’s Self-evaluation Methodology will allow evaluation of professional entrepreneurial competences, and validate/recognize the skills that should be reinforced in order to improve missing competences.

– An Interactive Assistance Tool – A Trainer/Supervisor Handbook with embedded video scripts that explain the rationale behind the training course on entrepreneurship. This project envisaged also to develop a Trainees’ adaptation guide – a Professional Practice Supervisor Handbook with video scripts for private companies that admit students to practice work.

– A Set of Gamified Material for the training course to support VET trainers to train in Entrepreneurship Competences. The course will contain a series of gamified exercises, guidance material, educational tools and games for the inclusion of entrepreneurial skills into already existing training curricula. Fostering the entrepreneurship competences, initiative and employability, the project seeks to develop an Entrepreneurship Skills Training Course with modelled situations using gamified set of tasks in various practice situations. By developing a set of training and learning material the VESVET project seeks to increase students’ entrepreneurship skills and to enable them to adapt to the real demands of private companies and enterprises. This learning course will be designed with the purpose of qualifying VET learners to improve and validate their own entrepreneurial competencies.